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Michael Gomes
Executive Vice President, BenefitMall

Michael Gomes is an integral member of the BenefitMall team since 1999. Gomes drove the expansion of BenefitMall carrier products across the nation, spearheaded the success of the sales and marketing organizations, and led the development of customer support and service programs that push customer satisfaction to exceptional levels. In his current role as senior vice president of Government and Carrier Relations, Gomes heads up the department to oversee all Carrier Relations initiatives and focus on health care reform and compliance for both our integrated payroll and employee benefit customers.

Gomes upholds his commitment to the health insurance industry through his understanding and fostering of relationships to support the business endeavors of top Brokers across the country. Gomes has demonstrated this commitment by providing expert testimony and guidance on behalf of the Broker community during drafting and implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Gomes has also given public testimony in front of various regulatory bodies.

Gomes is recognized for his extensive industry knowledge and tremendous support of the important role Brokers play in today’s ever-changing and complex health insurance environment. Since the implementation of PPACA, Gomes has carried out his passion for Broker success through training programs and public speaking engagements. His focus has been towards providing guidance on how Brokers can leverage their expertise to help individuals and businesses get the best possible health care solution that meets their needs at an affordable price.

Given the recent merger with CompuPay, Gomes is devoted to actualize the substantial opportunity to create additional compliance solutions to assist trusted advisors with providing something important to their clients, while making selling integrated payroll and benefit solutions easier.

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