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BenefitMall- Health Care Reform in America, February 2010
BenefitMall decided to conduct a poll to discover where people stand on the issues surrounding health care reform.

PricewaterhouseCoopers'- What employers want from health insurers in 2010
Employers’ satisfaction with their health insurers eroded during the past year. Hit by a major recession and thrust into the teeth of a national debate on health reform, employers are taking a critical look at their health benefits strategy and the value they derive from it.

The Insurance Exchange for Individuals and Small Groups-Differing Experiences for Purchasers in Maryland and Massachusetts, January 2010
BenefitMall engaged Avalere to implement a study that compared the healthcare systems of Massachusetts and Maryland in the purchase of Individual and Small Group healthcare coverage. Avalere found that the Massachusetts system, created to benefit both Individual and Small Groups, worked well for Individuals seeking subsidized coverage, but did not meet the anticipated enrollment goals for the Small Group market.

BenefitMall- Navigation Healthcare Reform 2009- An Analysis and Explanation of Health Insurance Cooperatives
One of the surprising recommendations of Health Reform in 2009 has been the idea that the government should fund and build a Public Insurance Plan. After receiving significant criticism, a Health Insurance Cooperative was suggested as available alternative. While this idea has been discussed by many Congressmen since June, there are few specific details written about it. Senator Kent Conrad has championed the idea and drafted a document outlining the idea. Some of these ideas have been incorporated into House Bill H.R. 3200.

AON Consulting- Healthcare Reform Survey 2009
More than 1,100 employers responded to Aon Consulting’s Health Care Reform Survey in June 2009. As respondents completed this survey, the House and Senate health care reform committees were working to craft meaningful legislation to address the challenges of access to and affordability of health care. Respondents were asked for their opinions on key issues in the debate, such as the government-sponsored public plan, employer mandate, financing health care reform and other critical policy proposals under consideration in Washington, D.C.

PricewaterhouseCoopers'- Jammed access: Widening the front door to healthcare*
By several measures, access to care is jammed for many Americans. Universal coverage, if passed, won't necessarily translate into better access. This report from PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Health Research Institute (HRI), identifies three key obstacles to access: crowded points of entry such as the Emergency Department, a system that is confusing to navigate, and individuals who inevitably fail to act on their health early.

WellPoint- Premium Cost Drivers
Although the rate of increase has slowed in recent years, the cost of health care services and premiums continues to rise and is a major concern to individuals, employers and the government. The escalation of costs accounts for the overwhelming impetus behind calls for health care reform.

Anthem Blue Cross- Building a Sustainable Health Care System
The urgency of the health care crisis in today’s economy calls for thoughtful, sustainable solutions. As one of the country’s leading health benefits companies, Anthem Blue Cross National Accounts division (ANA) has real-world, proven solutions to share.

Small Groups Bundling Products: A Good Opportunity for Brokers
With all the products and services available today to support small businesses and their benefits, employers can face significant obstacles when deciding which are best for them. From finding plans that fit their budget to choosing a benefits package that will meet all of their employees’ needs, most small businesses want to work with a reliable broker they trust to help them make these important decisions.

UnitedHealth Center for Health Reform & Modernization
UnitedHealth’s new Center serves as a focal point for the company’s work on health care
modernization and national health reform. The Center assesses and develops innovative
policies and practical solutions for the health care challenges facing the nation.

Health Care Cost Containment – How Technology Can Cut Red Tape
America is not getting good value for the $2.6 trillion it spends on health care. Too few people have access to high quality care - and yet there is too much waste. Today the nation is once again grappling with how to respond.

PRI- The Top Ten Myths of American Health Care A Citizen's Guide
This is the latest book from health care scholar, and PRI President and CEO Sally C. Pipes. The book's foreword is by Steve Forbes: “For anyone interested in getting to the core of America's health care troubles, this is the perfect book,” he writes. “And for health care policy makers, it should be required reading.”

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