You are watching the Senate Health Care Debate, right?

by Misty Baker
Healthcare Debate Capitol Hill 2017

You may know by now that the Senate voted on Tuesday to debate the GOP health care bill.  Simply put this means that the Senate will have an allotted time to review at least 3 proposals that will eliminate much of the ACA statutes, tax penalties on the individual and group side, slash Medicaid and flat out erase ACA taxes as well as subsidies.  If this passes, it will allow Congress two years to enact a replacement to ACA. 

But how does this impact you: broker, small/large employer, individual policy buyer?  No one knows at this point…. there is no published final version of the bill.  Remember that ACA is still the law of the land. So for now, keep watching C-SPAN, our blog and twitter feed for more information. 

Waiting and watching,
Misty Baker
Benefitmall, Director of Compliance


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